Bottom Line Organizing

Edmonton’s Business Organization Professionals

  • Purging unnecessary papers and mess
  • Setting up filing systems
  • Creating space for accounts payable and receivable
  • Organizing your business cards, brochures, and marketing materials
  • Organizing your office supplies
  • Setting up proper storage for important paperwork and documents
  • Setting up organizational whiteboards / to do lists / project lists
  • Setting up Tickler files
  • Password lists
  • Setting up filing systems on your computer
  • Setting up cloud storage
  • Setting up computer backups
  • Setting up calendar syncing
  • Setting up automatic reminders
  • Email set up on smart phone and tablet/iPad
  • Quickbooks set up
  • Quarterly bookkeeping review
  • Organization for tax season
  • Review of all bills to find available savings
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Streamlining your invoicing
  • Setting up PayPal, Square, and other payment systems
  • Organizing your important insurance documents (home based business, liability, WCB)
  • Social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and HootSuite)
  • Newsletter set up
  • Email signatures
  • Create client packages
  • Database set up
  • Creating and organizing forms, form letters, and other standardized communications
  • Creating relationship building systems

My Approach

“Bottom Line Organizing provides customized solutions, based on your unique situation, to increase the efficiency and profitability of your business and life. I will work with you to uncover where the challenges are and what will best meet your needs. With help, you will identify strategies, processes, tools and structures to make it easier for you to stay organized. Your business will run smoother and you will make more money!”